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Although there have been "Fan Clubs" and Societies dedicated to FRANKIE LAINE since the 1940's, none have been so successful (and permanent) as FLIAS. Formed in 1972 by a few dedicated fans in the United Kingdom, it has since grown to include hundreds of Members Worldwide.

It's original intention was, apart from publicizing the music of Frankie Laine, to promote friendship amongst his many admirers and to help them obtain as much material as possible from his long career in music, TV, radio and Movies. We are now able to provide material in many formats, vinyl, CD, video, dvd etc., from the start of his career in the early 1940's right up to date and his Manager, Secretary and family make certain we are kept informed of all his activities.

The main contact for member is our magazine LAINE LINES which is published 3 times per year with additional newsletters etc., sent out with any extra information that transpires between issues.

Each magazine has around 40 pages, with full colour covers when possible and is packed with Laine related articles from all aspects of his career with Members letters, nostalgia articles, photographs, music news, in fact anything that Members want to include.

There are also annual Conventions held each year, usually one in Spring, followed by the Annual General Meeting held around the end of September.

Long lasting friendships have been made between Members over the years and regular "mini-conventions" are held in their homes where they enjoy evenings of Music and Chat. These events have even led to marriages between Members children, many of whom have also joined the Society so the age group now goes from 16-90, we even have a couple of babies among our ranks.

Members have also had the opportunity to join organized trips to visit Frankie at his home where, as well as making us welcome and joining us for celebration dinners, he has taken the trouble to perform private concerts just for FLIAS. These trips have usually been arranged to tie in with important birthdays although Members have also made their own way to the United States where they have been made more than welcome.

The FLIAS year currently runs from September 1st to August 31st and anyone joining during the year receives the magazines already published with the remainder sent as due. Joining the Society makes all the facilities we have to offer immediately available to you and included with your Welcome Pack will be all the LAINE LINES published that year together with a comprehensive list of items that are currently available to Members Only.


If joining from outside the UK then payment should be made ETIHER by Sterling IMO (Payable to FLIAS) or by cash sent recorded delivery.  Residents of USA & Canada who wish to pay by Cash should send $US or $Can for DOUBLE the Sterling Rate (ie $30) this covers conversion rate & Bank Charges. 


On receipt of your Membership you will be sent all issues of our Magazine LAINE LINES that have been published in the current year plus a list of Compact Discs, Videos & DVD’s that are currently available for purchase.

Current membership rates are (per annum):

UK £ 9.00

Europe £ 11.00

Elsewhere £ 14.00 (US $40)

For more information please use the contacts page

OR Send a SAE with payment PAYABLE TO FLIAS to:

Tony Cooper
18 Napier Crescent
North Yorkshire
YO12 4HY